FireWire 400 to 800 Adapter by XO® - 6 pin (female) port to 9 pin (male) FW 800 Connector ** Ultra Compact ** - White

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Key Features

*** Original XO® Product *** 6 Pin (female) FireWire 400 to 9 Pin (male) FireWire 800 adapter

Works with all std 6 Pin FW400 cables to connect to devices with FireWire 800 ports ( EG : Latest Apple MacBooks iMac Mac Mini Hard Drives PCs etc )

IEEE 1394 Compliant - Fully compatible with Apple Mac and PC FW800 - Bi-Directional works both 400 to 800 and 800 to 400

Ultra compact ( World's smallest ) with durable ABS construction - Precision fit connectors protect ports and ensure a reliable connection

XO® range of FireWire IEEE 1394b cables are also available - XO® specialist customer support and *** LIFETIME WARRANTY ***


You have probably heard the termFireWire if you have any interest in digital video.FireWireis a way to connect different pieces of equipment so they caneasily and quickly share information. Works with all standard6 Pin FW400 cablesto connect to devices withFireWire 800 ports(ie : Latest Apple MacBooks iMac Mac Mini Hard Drives plus PCs). It also has uses totransfer data in cars and airplanesand issimilar to USB. The6-pin connectoris commonly found ondesktop computers and can supply the connecteddevice with power. Typically a device can pull about7 to 8 watts from the port; However the voltage varies significantly from different devices.