Octava IR Receiver Cable for Octava HDMI Switch Units ONLY

  • €10,00
  • Ersparnis €9,20

Key Features

Octava IR Receiver Cable - compatible with the Octava HDMI Switches only

Functions as an IR sensor for remote control input

No external power needed

Length: 1.8m / 1.8 Metre


The Octava Infared Receiver extender cable allows you to locate your Octava product in equipment racks/cabinet while maintaning I.R. control. The small I.R. Receiver Eye enables you to have access to your Octava equipment hidden in equipment racks/cabinets. No external power needed just plug into Octava compatible switch/matrix/amp Simply connect the1.8m I.R. Extender cable to the I.R. Jack of the Octava switch/matrix/amp and place the I.R. Receiver EYE at a location accessible by the I.R. Remote.