Octava Toslink12- UK 1x2 Digital Optical Toslink Audio Splitter

  • €45,15
  • Ersparnis €41,54

Key Features

•1 Toslink audio input to 2 Toslink audio output

•Easy to send 2 optical Toslink links to zone systems

•Surround Sound 5.1 digital audio 2 Channel LPCM

•No signal loss on both outputs

•Power line filtering - eliminates switching power supply noise


The Octava 1x2 Toslink digital audio splitter allows you to distribute single Toslink Audio input to two separate optical Toslink outputs. Simply connect Toslink cable from audio source and connect the 2 outputs to your audio systems. Connect the optical output of your source device to the optical input on the Toslink12-UK and connect the optical outputs of the Toslink12-UK to your AV Receiver AV Amp HDTV or HDMI over CAT5 Extender for trouble free digital audio. Combine the Octava HDDA12-UK Toslink12-UK and HDOCAT-UK to allow you to share SKY HD in HD video plus 5.1 DD surround sound to one local plus one remote zone.

LPCM stands for Linear Pulse Code Modulation. Sometimes you will see "20 bit LPCM" or "24-bit LPCM" or "24 bit uncompressed” on the disc cases. The more bits the higher the resolution and the better the sound. It encodes a single sound channel. It supports uncompressed 2-channel LPC digital audio signal output.